The remnant of Shining Path in Peru

A dos semanas de la segunda vuelta electoral, un ataque de remanentes del grupo armado maoísta Sendero Luminoso, dejó al menos catorce muertos. El ataque se produjo en El Vraem, principal zona productora de hojas de coca, con una nutrida presencia del narcotráfico.

Ay, Nicaragua Nicaragüita

The persecution of Cristiana Chamorro and other opposition leaders and journalists is a response, not only authoritarian but also thoughtless, that the regime ends up applying to its competitors in a sort of extreme lawfare, a very widespread modality among Latin American governments.

Central America joins cocaine production?

The idea that Central America is only a transit region from South America to northern markets is beginning to be questioned. Although it continues to be a zone for receiving and dispatching shipments, the fact is that for some years now Guatemala and Honduras have been slowly becoming producers as well.

Inapplicable laws: Central America

In December, the U.S. Congress passed the Engel List Act, which establishes that the president must submit to Congress every six months a list of citizens of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who have incurred in fraudulent actions. But in the Central American Northern Triangle no one believes in it.

Nayib Bukele, a media president

Bukele is one of those people who awaken passions. Either you love him or you hate him. To date, he is the most popular president in the country’s democratic history. Neither his many mistakes as president nor his notorious authoritarian vocation have made a dent in his popularity.

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