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The challenge of dismantling the Colombian Trump

Petro was prepared to compete with a sort of “Duque’s version”, but a Bolsonaro-Trump Colombian version emerged, who moved from Facebook and Twitter to TikTok, and who has two well-known props in the region: anti-corruption and anti-politics discourses.

CELAC: the challenge of revitalization

This is a good time to make a break with the past and rescue Latin American national and popular trajectories, so often subjugated by foreign economic interests, but within the framework of a positive and mature inter-American dialogue.

Left and post-left in Latin America

During the Peruvian campaign, a difference was generated between the two leftist parties: Veronika Mendoza’s Juntos por el Perú and Castillo’s Perú Libre, around gender, sexual and reproductive health issues that opened a gap between what one congresswoman called a “popular” left and a “progressive” left.

The welfare that eludes us

Latin America has been one of the regions hardest hit by the pandemic, both from a health and socioeconomic point of view. Its impact on the region has, on the one hand, revealed the inequalities and deficiencies of the social systems, and on the other, has negatively impacted hopes for a better future. The expectation … Continued

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