Menem’s imprint on Argentine democracy

Carlos Menem’s presidency was the longest in Argentine history, covering the entire decade of the 1990s, when the world emerged from the Cold War and Latin American countries faced the challenge of inserting themselves into globalization.

Peru: the time of Don Quixote

The political crisis in the Andean country shows that there are no longer “saviors of the Fatherland” who have risen to power through coups d’état. Peru is being rescued from literature, culture and the handful of non-encumbered politicians. It seems that they have found the right figure, an interim president whom they call “Don Quixote”.

Biden’s Triumph, Trump’s Legacy

The American people are what they saw during this week: the multi-colored mirrors splintered from a kaleidoscope that keeps spinning, making it extremely difficult to “reduce to unity” that means electing a president.

Argentina: Peronisms of all colors

So much has been written and said about October 17, 1945 in Argentina as a founding myth, a historical hinge and watershed, an iconic date that is identified with the birth of Peronism. A living component of the historical-political narrative that began 75 years ago and endures to this day.

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