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Digitalization and Privacy: beyond surveillance capitalism?

This is nothing new that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitalization of everyday life, intensifying the online channeling of our activities or forcing a migration to the virtual world of those who sustained an analog way of living. The deepening of life anchored on the internet is often interpreted as favorable to the democratization of … Continued

The entire government to businessmen?

Due to different cultural aspects, many of us were used to dissociate political power from market influences. But today, when the value of Apple or Amazon exceeds the GDP of major countries, it becomes difficult to defend such division.

Contradictions facing climate change

Seven out of ten Latin Americans consider global warming a serious threat to humanity. However, they blame individuals for the degradation while exculpating those who have resources and real responsibilities on the matter.

After covid, several possible futures

One year after the health emergency and the beginning of the restrictive measures, speculations about the post-post-covid future are beginning to emerge. Will we go back to living as in the past? Or will we see the changes experienced during the pandemic perpetuate, affecting how and how much we work, educate ourselves, feed ourselves and socialize?

The pandemic invented neoliberal interventionism

The pandemic has exposed governments to a number of new dilemmas. Respecting civil liberties or social control? Some of the leadership would seem to have shipwrecked in the face of these dilemmas or, worse, to have turned the intensification of these contradictions into a form of governance.

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