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Will the Lava Jato zombies attack in 2022?

Operation Lava Jato, supposedly aimed at fighting corruption, was rife with irregularities and chose to target rather than simply follow due process. But his death may not be final. He may come back as a zombie, with the candidacy of former judge Sérgio Moro.

Lula, Bolsonaro, the third and fourth ways

The most radical wing of the Armed Forces is unlikely to withdraw from politics, as their constitutional duties would recommend. Although they are entrenched in the structures of government, a move to detach themselves from Bolsonaro’s eroded image could be the way for them to return to the presidency, without a clumsy middleman.

Brazil: Lula again?

Judge Edson Fachin of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), considered that the then judge Sergio Moro and the Federal Court of Paraná did not have jurisdiction to try former president Lula. These proceedings will have to be retried. The return to the political scene of former president Lula da Silva completely changes the Brazilian political landscape.

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