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Petro and Castillo: Andean Anomalies

Colombia and Peru share similarities. After the end of the Cold War, they maintained their armed conflicts, experienced the most radical liberalization policies of the continent and the marked centralism led the elites to live with their backs turned to the needs of a large part of the population.

It Wasn’t False Positives, Only State Terrorism

During the presidency of Álvaro Uribe, 6,402 innocent civilians were killed by State agents and presented to the public as guerrillas. It is time to continue advancing in the clarification of responsibility, the traceability of the decisions and the indictment of the perpetrators.

FARC faces its own reflection

More than four years have passed since the signing of the Peace Agreement between the FARC-EP guerrillas and the Colombian government led by Juan Manuel Santos. In spite of the simplistic reductionisms, lies, and furious attacks of Uribism on the Agreement, analytical reports with profound social scientific rigor, such as that by the Kroc Institute … Continued

Colombia’s multiple wars

We are faced with multiple wars that are leading and blurring a violence that is increasingly difficult to characterize. All of this violence continues to take place in forgotten, peripheral and coca-growing Colombia, where the Peace Accord and any hint of implementation remain today a mere chimera.

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