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Insisting on the State

Today, the discussion in the public square is absent, not only in the face of any electoral call with the consequent trivialization of the offers, but also when seeking solutions to the problems of society.

Political power in the shadow

The impulse to maintain power vicariously is a long-standing issue present in politics, even when it adopts democratic forms of government in which there is a minimum of assured competition.

Limits of Power

There are currently three worrying cases in Latin America in which the restriction of power is being questioned for reasons of strict application of its temporal limitation.

A balance of 2022 in twelve news

Although Latin America is very heterogeneous and complex, the headlines that reflected the events in the region during the year that is ending can be summarized in a dozen, one per month, which remain as a summary of what happened while dictating the agenda for 2023. According to the CAF-Development Bank, while the richest 10% … Continued

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