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Exceptionality normalized

The recent Colombian elections and the predictions regarding the outcome of the Brazilian elections in October allow us to ask, as we pointed out fifteen years ago, what is the meaning of these changes.

Witnesses who are hostages

It would seem that the war in Eastern Europe, except for the impact of the related economic crisis and the expectations of a “new global order”, is a foreign issue for Latin America.

The Uncertain Meaning of Alternation

Political representation has been fragmented to extreme levels and people’s preferences are left to the randomness of projects meticulously designed by communication experts who accompany the personal drive for power.

Political science, preaching in the desert?

Academia per se does not provide exceptional politicians. It is a matter of using one’s voice with loyalty to the common good to offer solutions to the quagmire in which we find ourselves. But ensuring that this voice is not a preaching in the wilderness is beyond the competence of political science.

The management of fear

Fear is one of the main feelings that overwhelms people. The history of mankind cannot be understood without its presence, since it articulates human coexistence, from the simplest to the most complex social forms, from the tribe to the state.

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