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The management of fear

Fear is one of the main feelings that overwhelms people. The history of mankind cannot be understood without its presence, since it articulates human coexistence, from the simplest to the most complex social forms, from the tribe to the state.

Elections and power

Democracy was configured as a form of exercising power in which elections play a crucial role. Therefore, the relationship between elections and democracy is univocal. Democracy does not exist without elections, but elections alone do not bring democracy.

Politics is a profession?

“I don’t know if one can admire politicians, people who dedicate themselves to agree, to bribe, to smile, to be portrayed and, excuse me, to be popular? Borges took little interest in politics, but the Latin American scenario updates the interview he gave to Vargas Llosa in 1981.

Missing persons: the state’s responsibility

The maximum exponent of human evil was the Nazi terror that kept a meticulous record of its victims. Thirty years later, under the doctrine of national security, a new systematic effort, but without light or stenographers, brought the figure of forced disappearance to institutionalized repression in Latin America.

The enmeshed Catalan labyrinth

This is an independence project with policies that project xenophobic expressions against those who, supposedly, are not integrated into the organized community. A community that exclusively extols what is different on the basis of a constant manipulation of history.

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