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The honesty of words and ethics in communicatio

Kapucinski used to say that journalism was not a profession for cynics. Given the volume of information, the speed with which it circulates and the large number of people who in one way or another generate content, I would dare to say that communicating is not an activity for cynics.

Climate justice in Latin America

In November, hurricanes Eta and Iota devastated parts of Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize, leaving more than 200 people dead and more than half a million displaced. Hurricanes, as well as floods, droughts or sea level rise caused by climate change, do not affect territories equally.

The truth of lies

Seven out of ten Latin Americans do not detect a fake news from a real one on the Internet. Despite the advances in communication and information technologies, today we are lost in the middle of an ocean of misinformation and everything points to the fact that the storm that this generates will not abate.

Trump burns the last ships in Cuba

Just when it was thought that there would be no more surprises, the still-president of the United States has struck a blow that will compromise Joe Biden’s foreign policy. The outgoing administration has declared Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism.

Latin America and its eternal foreign dependence

Economic ties, and expansionist, commercial and ideological interests, made the United States a key country on Latin American agendas. However, the decline of its hegemony and internal tension provide an opportunity to set a new course for the Latin American agenda.

Elections in pandemic time

Since the beginning of the pandemic, twelve elections and one plebiscite have been postponed in Latin America to preserve the health of citizens and the guarantees of the processes. The region has not been the only one to postpone elections, more than 70 countries and sub-national jurisdictions have decided to postpone elections.

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