ECLAC respected but not heard

There has always been a gap between ECLAC’s thinking and the governments’ public policies, but this gap widens from less to more, depending on the time. However, decision makers need to be more open to ECLAC thinking.

Mercosur-EU Agreement: for a binding environmental clause

What has changed since the agreement in 2019 to make voices of rejection emerge in the EU? The key factor is the environmental crisis caused by the Bolsonaro government and its support for Brazilian agriculture, its denial of climate change, its threats to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, and its alignment with the US.

Bioceanic Corridor: road from Mato Grosso to the Pacific

After almost a century, it seems that the antagonism between the Atlantic and the Pacific is beginning to be overcome by road corridors in underdeveloped regions. The bioceanic road corridor is a physical integration project that will connect Porto Murtinho (Mato Grosso do Sul) with the ports of northern Chile.

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