Left and post-left in Latin America

During the Peruvian campaign, a difference was generated between the two leftist parties: Veronika Mendoza’s Juntos por el Perú and Castillo’s Perú Libre, around gender, sexual and reproductive health issues that opened a gap between what one congresswoman called a “popular” left and a “progressive” left.

The narrow cornices of Pedro Castillo

O presidente eleito do Peru, Pedro Castillo, parece ter superado os muitos obstáculos colocados no seu caminho por Keiko Fujimori. Entretanto, ele deve se preparar para uma fase muito mais dura, quando várias frentes se abrem para ele em um contexto social onde as demandas por soluções se multiplicam.

Fujimorism strains democracy once again

The arbitration of national bodies and international observers have declared that the Peruvian elections have been unobjectionable, clean and transparent. But Keiko Fujimori’s party, which has been losing the election, has developed a legal strategy under the thesis of massive fraud.

Ortega and Murillo’s Two-Level Game

Nicaragua’s government – controlled by President Ortega, his wife Murillo and the Sandinista National Liberation Front – is using new laws to arrest political rivals and harass independent media ahead of elections scheduled for November.

“Stay Out of My Business…”

Cuando el principio de “no intervención” se esgrime para sustraerse de los compromisos regionales, hemisféricos e internacionales en materia de Derechos Humanos y defensa de la democracia, no se protege a las sociedades sino a regímenes y gobernantes que las lesionan.

Cuba and the eternal black spring

The pro-government media dresses up as democrats and human rights defenders when it comes to judging state repression in other countries. But when it comes to reporting on the persecutions on the island, Granma itself calls them “subversive focal points.”

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