Who Fights for The Stillborn?

Access to comprehensive health services, especially prenatal check-ups, is essential to reduce the rate of fetal deaths. It is estimated that at least four out of every ten deaths that occur during childbirth could be avoided with the assistance of a professional and the required care.

Pandemic and police brutality in Rio de Janeiro

The recent operation in the favela of Jacarezinho, in Rio de Janeiro, is an emblematic example of the brutality of the security forces. It is through the “war on drugs” that the state continues to delimit which is the “cheapest meat on the market”.

Why is vaccination alone not the solution?

Successful management of a social and health crisis necessarily depends on the communication capacity of governments and the production and dissemination of information aimed at clarifying and guiding the behavior of the population. It requires objectivity and accurate transmission of information.

Environmental defense sprouts from the bottom

Co-author Leonardo E. Stanley
Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, average temperatures have gradually increased. However, in the last five decades the increase has accelerated and has placed humanity on the edge of ecological security.

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