Bolivia and its eternal social conflicts

At the beginning of November, several social organizations began a strike in the department of Santa Cruz in rejection of a law aimed at increasing political centralism. This conflict is the result of the government’s difficulties in generating consensus in a society marked by historical fractures.

The honesty of words and ethics in communicatio

Kapucinski used to say that journalism was not a profession for cynics. Given the volume of information, the speed with which it circulates and the large number of people who in one way or another generate content, I would dare to say that communicating is not an activity for cynics.

What if we created our own New York Times?

I think it is important for the region to continue to exert pressure so that the most influential media in the world resumes its publications in Spanish. But I think it is much more important to join forces to try to create our own New York Times.

The Darien (un)Plug: the “other migration”

In Colombia, both the massive Venezuelan migration and the lesser known “extracontinental” migration converge, either in transit or as a destination. But the position of the Colombian authorities with regard to both, as well as the measures adopted, are diametrically different.

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