AMLO and his Fourth Transformation

Almost three years after López Obrador’s triumph, the June 6 elections are seen as a catalyst for the electoral hegemony of his party and with it, the continuity of the so-called fourth transformation of Mexican politics. Transformation that more than a government program has been used as a campaign slogan.

AMLO: All Talk and No Walk

A few weeks ago the President announced that the Mexican vaccine against COVID-19 already has a name, it will be called “Patria”. However, when asked about the progress in research, its financing, production and distribution he only offered vagueness. The announcement was the name of a vaccine that does not exist.

Why doesn’t AMLO love Biden?

AMLO was a closet Trumpist in the U.S. elections. Some explain the affinity with Trump by pointing out that they are political soul mates. They are not wrong. Both are populists, demagogues, troublemakers and have contempt for science and intellectual elites.

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