Biden and the democratic peace thesis

If the so-called restoration goes through the insistence that democracy is the best political system, this suggests that the Biden administration does not rule out pressuring Latin American countries or making interventions in order to “defend democracy and human rights”.

Why doesn’t AMLO love Biden?

AMLO was a closet Trumpist in the U.S. elections. Some explain the affinity with Trump by pointing out that they are political soul mates. They are not wrong. Both are populists, demagogues, troublemakers and have contempt for science and intellectual elites.

Central America and The New U.S. Administration

The countries of the North Central American triangle and Nicaragua, which represent a different problem for Washington, concentrate the greatest violence, poverty, lack of justice and low development indicators in the region. The causes of almost all the problems are the high level of institutional corruption and the absence of justice and compliance with the law.

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