Bolsonaro’s imminent defeat

The Brazilian electoral process could come to an end in the first round this Sunday with a probable defeat of Bolsonaro. In this context, it is necessary to be alert for possible unforeseeable situations that may affect the election results. According to political behavior, the voter decides his vote based on various stimuli, such as … Continued

Brazilian democracy crisis beyond Bolsonaro

The crisis of Brazilian democracy has been attributed to the Bolsonaro government. However, there are other factors, the most significant of which is the corrosion of Brazilian democracy itself, to the point that even a politically weak president is seen as a serious threat.

Goodbye to Bolsonaro

It is important to be clear: the goodbye will be to the figure of Bolsonaro as president, but not to Bolsonaro as an authoritarian, disloyal, and violent popular leader; even less (and more worrying) not to Bolsonarism as a long-term presence in Brazilian society.

Brazilian Lulobolsonarism

Brazilian politics suggests that the figure of Jair Bolsonaro is the result of political and institutional practices that have been instituting themselves for years in the imaginary of the exercise of democracy in the country.

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