Lula da Silva’s dilemma

There is sufficient agreement among Brazilian analysts that the recent assault on the buildings of the public authorities has the immediate effect of opening a window of opportunity in favor of Lula da Silva’s government.

Brazil: social participation at the “higher level”

Coauthors Ciro Torres, João A. Lins Sucupira, Luiz M. Behnken
Brazilian democracy is perhaps, from the institutional point of view, one of the most permeable to social participation. However, this participation does not reach the institutions that manage public finances and economic policies.

Post-Bolsonarism: a backfire?

Could the terrorist aggression of the Bolsonarist hordes against the pillars of the Brazilian institutional system have been an unexpected gift that favors the consolidation of democracy in that country?

Brasília, a copy of Washington

The invasion and destruction of the three branches of the Brazilian State institutional headquarters, which reside in the capital Brasília, is a reproduction of what happened in Washington two years ago.

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