Central America joins cocaine production?

The idea that Central America is only a transit region from South America to northern markets is beginning to be questioned. Although it continues to be a zone for receiving and dispatching shipments, the fact is that for some years now Guatemala and Honduras have been slowly becoming producers as well.

Inapplicable laws: Central America

In December, the U.S. Congress passed the Engel List Act, which establishes that the president must submit to Congress every six months a list of citizens of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who have incurred in fraudulent actions. But in the Central American Northern Triangle no one believes in it.

Central America: the double aid dilemma

Central America is at a breaking point. The region is facing a multiplicity of crises that have made it, despite the extreme fragility it has been dragging along for three decades, even more vulnerable. However, helping the region is a political and moral dilemma.

Central America and The New U.S. Administration

The countries of the North Central American triangle and Nicaragua, which represent a different problem for Washington, concentrate the greatest violence, poverty, lack of justice and low development indicators in the region. The causes of almost all the problems are the high level of institutional corruption and the absence of justice and compliance with the law.

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