Chile in its constitutional labyrinth

How can such differences between the results of the two plebiscites be explained? The causes have to do to a large extent with the configuration of the Constitutional Convention and the text that emanated from it.

A New Constitution and A Second Republic for Peru

A political constitution is not an end in itself, it is an instrument for a higher goal: the peaceful cohesion of a society. The current Peruvian political constitution no longer fulfills that purpose. This legal instrument does not achieve the social cohesion necessary to preserve peace and compliance with the law.

Constitution and pandemic times in Chile

On October 25, Chile will face its most important election since 1988, when a plebiscite began the transition to democracy. After the 2019 crisis, in 2020 the citizens will again be able to decide whether to initiate a process to replace the constitution inherited from the Pinochet regime and the type of convention that will have to draft it.

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