In memory of democracy

September 15, International Day of Democracy, forces us to put on the table the need to reflect on the challenges we still face on a global and, of course, regional scale.

Abnormal Democracy

Ours is a time of abnormal democracy. Some think that it is enough to return to a certain political normality for the course of democracy to take its ordinary course; others think that the time has come to create something different or radical.

What democratic front for Brazil?

The issue of political fronts has been back at the center of discussion in Brazil since democracy began to be threatened by President Jair Bolsonaro. However, the problem dates back to the beginning of the current democratic period.

Democracy is not producing democrats

After several years of declining support for democracies in the region, the latest Latinobarómetro survey shows weak but positive signs of resilience marked by a willingness to assert one’s voice through protest or the ballot box.

Democracy? Just when it suits me

In Latin America, democratic demands depend on who is in government. Carl Schmitt warned us more than half a century ago of this way of understanding politics: creating an antithesis to justify the fierce struggle and prevent “the other” from winning.

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