Bolivia and its factional politics 

En Bolivia la política no se presenta de la manera clásica como un enfrentamiento entre oficialismo y oposición, sino como una disputa entre facciones al interior del propio partido de gobierno, el MAS.

MAS-IPSP, A Structure In Resistance

One key factor for MAS’s victory was its internal reconfiguration, following Evo Morales’ resignation and departure of the party’s former leadership, and the building of alliances based on deepening the ethnic and regional divide.

The return of MAS (and Evo Morales)

The short summer of the anti-MAS bloc in Bolivia lasted almost a year, as the newly elected president, Luis Arce Catacora (MAS), will have to be sworn in the next months. The possible return of Evo Morales generates joy to some and discomfort to others, but the triumph of his candidate shows a developed political sense.

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