In memory of democracy

September 15, International Day of Democracy, forces us to put on the table the need to reflect on the challenges we still face on a global and, of course, regional scale.

Chile in its constitutional labyrinth

How can such differences between the results of the two plebiscites be explained? The causes have to do to a large extent with the configuration of the Constitutional Convention and the text that emanated from it.

Global trends landing in Latin America

In the complex situation we are currently experiencing, it is possible to identify some global trends of an economic, political, social, and cultural nature, as well as the characteristics that these trends assume when they land in Latin America.

Digitalization and Privacy: beyond surveillance capitalism?

This is nothing new that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitalization of everyday life, intensifying the online channeling of our activities or forcing a migration to the virtual world of those who sustained an analog way of living. The deepening of life anchored on the internet is often interpreted as favorable to the democratization of … Continued

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