Peru: never-never land

Peru is once again redrawn as an indelible caricature of our collective inability, fears and incompetence in the pursuit of an enduring common good.

Judges also make politics

The recognition of the political role of the courts and supreme courts is due to the democratization processes that led to constitutional reforms to affirm political, social, economic and cultural rights.

Lula da Silva’s dilemma

There is sufficient agreement among Brazilian analysts that the recent assault on the buildings of the public authorities has the immediate effect of opening a window of opportunity in favor of Lula da Silva’s government.

Brazil: social participation at the “higher level”

Coauthors Ciro Torres, João A. Lins Sucupira, Luiz M. Behnken
Brazilian democracy is perhaps, from the institutional point of view, one of the most permeable to social participation. However, this participation does not reach the institutions that manage public finances and economic policies.

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