South America: an “almost perfect” migratory space

South America constitutes an “almost perfect” regional migratory space, since its migrants are mostly natives of the same region. Human mobility in general, and transnational migrations in particular, constitute a real machine for diversification and integration of the world’s populations and cultures.

Migrant Caravans: Crisis Without End?

On January 15, the most recent migratory caravan to the United States began its journey to reach its destination in the context of the inauguration of Joseph Biden’s government. Some 1,000 Hondurans began their journey and entered Guatemalan territory. However, the caravan was violently contained by security forces.

The “disappeared” Venezuelans

On December 18, when International Migrants Day was commemorated, a fishing boat carrying more than 30 Venezuelans without papers to Trinidad and Tobago went down. This is the last episode of a long tragedy that has been taking place in recent years.

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