Peru and Elusive Governance

The risk of the chronic crisis in Peru is to normalize the absence of long-term public policies, the absence of structural reforms and the continuity of problems in the institutional design which, although they are not the only cause of the crisis, are not addressed to contribute to its solution.

The remnant of Shining Path in Peru

A dos semanas de la segunda vuelta electoral, un ataque de remanentes del grupo armado maoísta Sendero Luminoso, dejó al menos catorce muertos. El ataque se produjo en El Vraem, principal zona productora de hojas de coca, con una nutrida presencia del narcotráfico.

Peru 2020: the penance of the impossible

The year 2020 has highlighted the fragile structure that links the social fabric of Peru. Today, 2021 is viewed with reluctance and melancholy. We are on the verge of a Bicentennial of Independence framed by the ruling class’s stubborn inability to draw up a plan for a sustainable Republic.

A New Constitution and A Second Republic for Peru

A political constitution is not an end in itself, it is an instrument for a higher goal: the peaceful cohesion of a society. The current Peruvian political constitution no longer fulfills that purpose. This legal instrument does not achieve the social cohesion necessary to preserve peace and compliance with the law.

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