Colombia – U.S. Relations in the Biden Era

The changes that have taken place in the last few months pose a reformulation of the relations between the countries. Joe Biden has shown that his administration is proposing approaches to different issues such as democracy, the implementation of the peace agreement, the fight against drug trafficking or the response to the crisis in Venezuela, among others.

Latin America: Joe Biden and After

On January 20, Joe Biden will take office as the 46th president of the United States. How will this affect relations between Washington and Latin America? An overall perspective shows that Latin America is the realm of tension and mistrust while the United States is immersed in a crisis that questions its hegemony.

How did Trump get this far?

To believe that Biden’s triumph is the end of the drama begun in January 2016 is an example of a mirage of fatal consequences. Pretending that those millions of voters will disappear from the map with Biden’s inauguration reveals a blindness to how much America has changed in recent generations.

Lessons from Latin American Politics for the 2020 US Election

President Trump is taking lessons from some of Latin America’s most notorious leaders. But those leaders commanded Latin American nations as authoritarians during the 20th Century. Latin America has democratized, placed a greater emphasis on the rule of law, and –in many nations– sought to diminish economic inequality.

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