Towards authoritarian capitalism in Venezuela?

In the international media, the Venezuelan government is still often referred to with the prefix ‘socialist’. Inside the country, a disorderly deregulation process is opening more spaces to the market, yet it is also creating apparent new inequalities.  Towards what kind of economic system is Venezuela moving? Faced with a dearth of public data, we … Continued

When did Venezuela get screwed?

What happened in Venezuela, which four decades ago was an example of a democratic model, in the midst of a South America ruled by military governments. Today the country is at the bottom in terms of freedom, democracy and rule of law.

International Criminal Court and the Venezuelan case

Co-author Margarita López Maya
On November 3, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court based in The Hague announced the opening of the formal investigation for crimes against humanity in Venezuela. If the government wishes to avoid a conviction, it will need to take substantial steps.

The reality of wages in Venezuela

Most formal jobs in Venezuela are anchored to a scale that depends on the minimum wage. The value of the minimum wage is clearly an anomaly: $2.4. It is so, so low that it is enough for less than 1% of the basic food basket.

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