About us

“Communication and media are central to promoting sustainable development and democracy. The right to freedom of expression underpins a free, pluralistic, inclusive and independent media environment as well as freedom of information” (UNESCO, 2017)

L21 is a media outlet and content platform that brings together a vast community of experts and academics, who produce analysis and opinion about political, economic and social issues in Latin America. Through the free dissemination of expert and diverse opinions, we seek to help improve Latin Americans’ capacity to make critical judgments on the main issues occurring in the region.

We also seek to foster democracy and a dialogue towards a culture of peace and non-violence. We want to promote freedom of ession, in line with the objectives of the Communication for Development initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Likewise, we seek to promote a space for our own analysis and an independent point of view on the different realities that exist in Latin American.

L21, as a content platform, was founded in January 2017 by the Uruguayan journalist Jerónimo Giorgi and, in July 2019, we launched our website with which we began our journey as an independent media outlet. Currently, our team consists of thirteen people and we have more than two hundred active columnists, specialized in the fields of political science, sociology, economics and journalism. We have consolidated as a collaborative, independent and plural space that advocates the dissemination of contents that make the audience reflect on regional events.

The diversity of origin and points of view of our contributors aims to promote a pluralistic environment and greater gender equity, as well as a more inclusive communication that encourages the participation of minorities.

The opinions expressed in the articles always represent the personal views of the authors, not those of Latinoamérica21.

Main objectives of Latinoamérica21

1. To support the development of the media and access to information in Latin America, promoting intercultural dialogue, a culture of peace and non-violence.

2. To promote collaboration with free, independent and pluralistic media, which guarantee the safety of journalists, protect cultural and natural heritage, seek to strengthen systems of governance for culture and seek to realize fundamental freedoms.

3. To contribute to the promotion of freedom of expression, democracy and human rights in the region.

4. To publish content on Latin America in different formats prepared by academics and experts.

5. To distribute our own and external content to various global media.

6. To serve as a meeting point and exchange of ideas among academics, specialists, students and others interested in the region.

7. To build an autonomous space for reflection and analysis on the Latin American reality.

8. To promote knowledge and scientific research on Latin America at a regional and global level.

9. Promote the use of Big Data and data journalism, producing and publishing quality data on Latin America.

What we do?

Inform about the political, economic and social reality of Latin America through opinion articles, analyses, books and other products produced by our team of collaborators.

Strengthen freedom of expression, human rights, equality and democracy in Latin America.

Connect academics, specialists, and a general audience interested in Latin American affairs.

Disseminate the contents of L21 to encourage the analysis of the regional reality.

Promote events of analysis and debate on the Latin American reality, as well as academic publications and other content that address regional issues.