AMLO and his fourth transformation

Almost three years after López Obrador’s triumph, the June 6 elections are seen as a catalyst for the electoral hegemony of his party and with it, the continuity of the so-called fourth transformation of Mexican politics. Transformation that more than a government program has been used as a campaign slogan.

Pathways for Haiti’s development

Co-author Robson Dias da Silva
The first Latin American country to become a republic, Haiti is one of the poorest in the world. Nearly two-thirds of its population survives on subsistence agriculture geared to the domestic market.

Pandemic, inequality and geopolitics

Latin America and the Caribbean is the developing region most affected by the pandemic. It represents 8.4% of the world’s population, yet accounts for 30% of deaths due to IDVOC-19 and suffers its worst GDP contraction, with a 7.7% drop in 2020.


Economy, Pandemic and Crisis

The IMF estimates a contraction of the world product in 2020 of 3.3% and Latin America is the most affected region. The reduction of the Latin American economy was 7% but with a great inequality between countries and regions.

AMLO, between love and hate

“It may seem pretentious or exaggerated, but today not only begins a new government, today begins a change of political regime”. This phrase of the Mexican president, halfway between a promise and a proclamation, bears the trademark of a style of doing, thinking and feeling politics.


Who Fights for The Stillborn?

Access to comprehensive health services, especially prenatal check-ups, is essential to reduce the rate of fetal deaths. It is estimated that at least four out of every ten deaths that occur during childbirth could be avoided with the assistance of a professional and the required care.

Pandemic and police brutality in Rio de Janeiro

The recent operation in the favela of Jacarezinho, in Rio de Janeiro, is an emblematic example of the brutality of the security forces. It is through the “war on drugs” that the state continues to delimit which is the “cheapest meat on the market”.


The management of fear

Fear is one of the main feelings that overwhelms people. The history of mankind cannot be understood without its presence, since it articulates human coexistence, from the simplest to the most complex social forms, from the tribe to the state.

Chile’s elite: close, but so far away

The Chilean constituent process has attracted interest for various reasons such as gender parity or the seats reserved for indigenous peoples. However, it has not taken into account the relationship between the elite and the rest of society.

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