Will the Lava Jato zombies attack in 2022?

Operation Lava Jato, supposedly aimed at fighting corruption, was rife with irregularities and chose to target rather than simply follow due process. But his death may not be final. He may come back as a zombie, with the candidacy of former judge Sérgio Moro.


The reality of wages in Venezuela

Most formal jobs in Venezuela are anchored to a scale that depends on the minimum wage. The value of the minimum wage is clearly an anomaly: $2.4. It is so, so low that it is enough for less than 1% of the basic food basket.


What if we created our own New York Times?

I think it is important for the region to continue to exert pressure so that the most influential media in the world resumes its publications in Spanish. But I think it is much more important to join forces to try to create our own New York Times.

The Darien (un)Plug: the “other migration”

In Colombia, both the massive Venezuelan migration and the lesser known “extracontinental” migration converge, either in transit or as a destination. But the position of the Colombian authorities with regard to both, as well as the measures adopted, are diametrically different.


Democracy is not producing democrats

After several years of declining support for democracies in the region, the latest Latinobarómetro survey shows weak but positive signs of resilience marked by a willingness to assert one’s voice through protest or the ballot box.

Political science, preaching in the desert?

Academia per se does not provide exceptional politicians. It is a matter of using one’s voice with loyalty to the common good to offer solutions to the quagmire in which we find ourselves. But ensuring that this voice is not a preaching in the wilderness is beyond the competence of political science.

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