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Biden Should Undo Trump’s Mistakes in Latin America

The presence in Latin America of China, Iran, Russia or any other non-Western actor need not be the sole purpose of U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America.
International Relations

Ex-guerrilla presidents in Latin America: have they been good or bad experiences?

In Latin America, seven presidents have guerrilla backgrounds. Those who have opted for gradual changes were more successful, while those who chose rupturist projects failed.

Why is the care economy important?

Given the significant influence of the care economy, it is crucial that Latin American governments implement care policies to combat inequality, ensure a high quality of life and reduce poverty through development.

Piñera’s complex legacy and the impulse to the far right in Chile

Two months after the death of former President Piñera, his legacy is a subject of debate. For some, he was a builder of bridges and regional institutions, while others see him as the precursor of the radical populist right in the southern country.

Climate change

The inseparable connections among climate change, migration, and the environment

The affected people, predominantly from the global South, in their attempt to reach the United States or Europe, may inadvertently contribute to additional environmental concerns along their route, particularly in vital areas to the ongoing efforts to fight against climate change.

“One Health” as a pillar of the Loss and Damage Fund

Promoting sustainable practices and awareness of the connection among human health, animal health, and the environment are crucial to mitigating losses and achieving prosperity and sustainability in the Americas.

Corporate capital drives climate and social collapse

To avoid the ecological and social collapse we are facing, profound reforms of this global economic system are needed, starting with a decarbonization of our society. This requires political will and leadership.

Democracy challenges

Populism as a democratic response

The growing support in several countries for populist leaders may be worrying. However, it is plausible to think that it is a response consistent with the basic beliefs of societies affected by a process of growing economic inequality and social exclusion.

Corruption, Democracy, and the Taboo of Talking About It

Only two countries in the region do not rank lower in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2023 (CPI), which ranks 180 countries and territories worldwide, according to Transparency International's latest report.

Democracy is losing ground in the world:...

The last two decades have witnessed a broad reversal of democracy in the world. Fifteen countries out of 86 have lost their democratic governments. Today, a high proportion of the world's population — around 70% — live under semi-democratic or outright autocratic regimes.

Latin America’s resilient democracies

The democratic paradigm was installed in Latin America with greater aplomb than in other regions during the third wave of democratization. But it is currently suffering from corruption, drug trafficking, the far right, authoritarian leftists and inequality.


Stigmatization, Disinformation and Conflict 

Social networks have facilitated an extensive production of inaccurate or false information that is reproduced in society and endangers the lives of social leaders.

Digital gangsters

Hate speech generates engagement, a phenomenon that can be measured by the interaction of network users, and produces information that increases the big data of huge platforms.

The strange case of the 9,000 missing dead in Cuba

At the beginning of 2022, the percentage of fully immunized Cubans reached more than 90%. How can we explain that in 2022 there was an excess of between 9,000 and 12,000 deaths?

Fox News — Dominion: Consequences of disinformation in electoral processes

Fraud is one of the most attractive and harmful narratives in the context of electoral processes.

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Publisher recommends

Dollarization in Argentina and why you shouldn’t put tractor tires on...

Dollarization was the core element in Javier Milei's campaign and, undoubtedly, one of those pragmatic proposals that most resonated with the Argentine electorate. What would dollarization of the Argentine economy imply?
Jerónimo Giorgi

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“Politics is returning to one-man, autocratic solutions”

Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, president of Costa Rica from 2014 to 2018 and professor at the University of Costa Rica, talks to Manuel Alcántara, one of the great experts on Latin American politics.  

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