The reality of wages in Venezuela

Most formal jobs in Venezuela are anchored to a scale that depends on the minimum wage. The value of the minimum wage is clearly an anomaly: $2.4. It is so, so low that it is enough for less than 1% of the basic food basket.


Bolivia and its eternal social conflicts

At the beginning of November, several social organizations began a strike in the department of Santa Cruz in rejection of a law aimed at increasing political centralism. This conflict is the result of the government’s difficulties in generating consensus in a society marked by historical fractures.

The honesty of words and ethics in communicatio

Kapucinski used to say that journalism was not a profession for cynics. Given the volume of information, the speed with which it circulates and the large number of people who in one way or another generate content, I would dare to say that communicating is not an activity for cynics.


When did Venezuela get screwed?

What happened in Venezuela, which four decades ago was an example of a democratic model, in the midst of a South America ruled by military governments. Today the country is at the bottom in terms of freedom, democracy and rule of law.

Argentine elections: chronicle of a defeat foretold

The legislative elections in Argentina have left three fundamental facts: the triumph of the opposition at national level, the loss of the majority of the ruling party in the National Senate and the “pyrrhic defeat” of the ruling party in the province of Buenos Aires.

Will the Lava Jato zombies attack in 2022?

Operation Lava Jato, supposedly aimed at fighting corruption, was rife with irregularities and chose to target rather than simply follow due process. But his death may not be final. He may come back as a zombie, with the candidacy of former judge Sérgio Moro.

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