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Navalny’s value

Freedom would be nothing more than a chimera today without figures like Navalny. It is up to us to ensure that this possibility does not become a reality.
International Relations

Latino voters lean toward Trump

Trump's style and rhetoric during his presidency was imitated by Milei, Bukele, and former President Bolsonaro during their campaigns. And now, they could influence Trump's candidacy among Latino voters.

“One Health” as a pillar of the Loss and Damage Fund

Promoting sustainable practices and awareness of the connection among human health, animal health, and the environment are crucial to mitigating losses and achieving prosperity and sustainability in the Americas.

Corporate capital drives climate and social collapse

To avoid the ecological and social collapse we are facing, profound reforms of this global economic system are needed, starting with a decarbonization of our society. This requires political will and leadership.

Climate change

Davos, “forum of socialism”: the rise of the far right and the extractivist discourse

Every year, from January 15 to 19, Davos brings together the world's leading businesspersons and CEOs. The event also brings together political representatives from all over the world, including the Argentine president, Javier Milei. Switzerland, where this exclusive Alpine resort is located, is strongly affected by global warming. With temperatures already exceeding a global average of 2ºC, many of the ski resorts are running out of snow. This phenomenon is certainly not unknown to the organizers, nor is it unnoticed by the participants of the Forum in Davos. As has been the case in recent years, the latest Global Risk Report issued annually by the World Economic Forum highlights the environmental problem. The climate emergency, as well as the loss of biodiversity, occupies a central role. In the opinion of those interviewed, the future of the world looks bleak, a gloom that recognizes multiple causes (armed conflicts, geopolitical disputes, extreme...

The quiet advance of emerging fevers in Latin America

With climate and environmental changes, the epidemic vocation of mosquito-borne diseases is growing, and they can be transmitted to more people and reach countries where they were not found before.

Early warning systems reduce damage from natural disasters by 30%

Early warning systems are a reliable and cost-effective solution to protect people's lives and livelihoods from natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis.

Democracy challenges

A glimmer of hope breaks through Guatemala’s crumbling institutions

In Guatemala, there is a glimmer of hope after the darkness of the last governments, still expectations must be cautious.

Milei’s government is not a dictatorship, neither is it a representative democracy

For decades, Argentina has experienced violations of its institutions and Constitution by Kirchnerism. Today, the newly formed libertarian government of Javier Milei seems to follow the same course of challenging institutions.

Central America Adrift

Central America faces a scenario marked by attacks on democratic institutions and corruption in a context of long-standing problems such as poverty, violence and immigration, which anticipates another complex year of political uncertainty.

State inability threatens democracy in the region

2022 was the sixth consecutive year of democratic regression. This persistent decline raises crucial questions about the viability and sustainability of democratic values on a global scale and the challenges facing the current political landscape.


Fox News — Dominion: Consequences of disinformation in electoral processes

Fraud is one of the most attractive and harmful narratives in the context of electoral processes.

From the Dark Room to Entering the Tunnel

Denialism and a shift to the far right that is pushing the planet towards a foretold catastrophe.

Consequences of Disinformation in Society

Disinformation is a central issue for people, and can even have implications for physical health.

The Renewal of Twitter and Disinformation

The digital public square is in a crisis due to economic reasons and tensions over content moderation, so the dreaded renewal is inevitable.

Publisher recommends

Publisher recommends

Dollarization in Argentina and why you shouldn’t put tractor tires on...

Dollarization was the core element in Javier Milei's campaign and, undoubtedly, one of those pragmatic proposals that most resonated with the Argentine electorate. What would dollarization of the Argentine economy imply?
Jerónimo Giorgi

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Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, president of Costa Rica from 2014 to 2018 and professor at the University of Costa Rica, talks to Manuel Alcántara, one of the great experts on Latin American politics.  

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