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Gustavo Petro
Gustavo PetroColombiaMigration

The progressive paradox: Petro’s regressive measures against Venezuelan migration

President Petro has aligned his narrative with the Bolivarian government's by attributing migration to the economic sanctions imposed by the United States in 2019.

Jerónimo Giorgi


Beyond a Summit: Where Is the Future?

There is no intellectual orphanhood or numbness of ideas. Instead, there is a greater distraction to our senses and a significant economic concentration that prevents us from seeing our humanity from different perspectives.

Jerónimo Giorgi


Black Women, Inequalities and Hidden Racism

Black women have the lowest levels of schooling and, consequently, hold worse positions in the labor market compared to white women.

Jerónimo Giorgi

Subnational elections
Subnational electionsBrazil

Brazil: municipal elections in times of democratic recomposition 

The Brazilian population as a whole must assume some level of civic and citizen responsibility, both in favor of democratic recomposition and in the fight against disinformation and polarization.

Jerónimo Giorgi


Misery of Information

It is important to avoid superficial instrumentalism that promotes technological innovations in the digital era and instead focus on the political and economic factors shaping the dominant mode of information production.

Jerónimo Giorgi


Taxing large fortunes can improve the health of Latin Americans

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the fortunes of the two richest men have grown by 70% since the start of the pandemic and are equivalent to the combined wealth of the poorest half of the region.

Jerónimo Giorgi