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Nayib Bukele
Nayib BukeleEl SalvadorAutocracy

New Mexican-style PRI in El Salvador?

In a country where insecurity made life unbearable, brutality against alleged criminals and signs of authoritarianism are not only accepted, but even translated into votes.

Jerónimo Giorgi

ElectionsAutocracyPolitical leaders

Indefinite reelection: sentences that shaped autocracies

Several governments have used the human rights argument to open the door to indefinite reelection. But these are mainly personalistic and authoritarian leaders where the checks and balances of the democratic system have been captured or eroded.

Jerónimo Giorgi

HealthClimate change

“One Health” as a pillar of the Loss and Damage Fund

Promoting sustainable practices and awareness of the connection among human health, animal health, and the environment are crucial to mitigating losses and achieving prosperity and sustainability in the Americas.

Jerónimo Giorgi

Foreign policy
Foreign policyChinaUSA

War and Peace: United States and China

In the event of an open war between the U.S. and China that does not escalate to the strategic nuclear level, the war economies of both countries would be in an unfavorable situation for the Americans and the entire bloc of their allies.

Jerónimo Giorgi


Deliberate Inequality and Populism

The magnetism of populists is based on a profound delusion, as they build support from the poorest sectors when their leaders are extreme neoliberals who have no interest in improving the situation of these sectors.

Jerónimo Giorgi

NeoliberalismEconomic policyEconomy

Entrepreneurial State versus Libertarianism in Latin America

Javier Milei's speech at the World Economic Forum seemed a somewhat caricatured synthesis of the intellectual impoverishment of contemporary libertarianism. It would not be worth the lines of this commentary if it were not for this ideology's dangers to the modern democratic order.

Jerónimo Giorgi