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Gustavo Petro

The disconcerting lethargy of the migration agenda in Colombia

Coauthor Stephanie López The ostracism in which the immigration policy has been placed has the worst impact for migrants living in the country.

The crossroads of change in Gustavo Petro’s first year in office

Petro promised to carry out wide-ranging reforms in various fields, however, the obstacles he has faced during his first year in office have not been few.

Petro, Biden and the Latin American energy transition

For Petro, the summit with Biden was an endorsement of his ambitious energy transition policy, which positions Colombia as the first oil-producing country to propose a ban on new exploration projects.

Colombia between hope and expectation for change

The recent inauguration of Gustavo Petro as president of Colombia was a departure from that of his predecessors and was full of symbols that represent the change implied by the rise of the country's first leftist president.

Political alternation arrives in Colombia

The ruling elites and certain media have insisted that Colombia has the most stable democracy in the region. However, in 212 years of republican history the country has been ruled by a few family dynasties.

Petro and the democratic moment

After decades of armed insurgency comes, by democratic means, the rise of a dissident political movement that includes a veteran of that insurgency and an emerging figure from a significant minority such as Afro-Colombians.