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“One Health” as a pillar of the Loss and Damage Fund

Promoting sustainable practices and awareness of the connection among human health, animal health, and the environment are crucial to mitigating losses and achieving prosperity and sustainability in the Americas.

Is health promotion possible on a planetary scale?

Various international forums and organizations warn of the need to adopt a health perspective that incorporates the challenges of the climate change.

“Heat islands”: a risk for public health

Due to global warming, there is an increase in temperature and heat waves during the summer, rising the number of diseases associated with extreme heat.

A socially constructed water crisis in Uruguay

Coauthor Micaela Trimble Since the end of April, more than half of Uruguayans have faced water problems in quantity and quality.

The end of the health emergency strains the southern U.S. border

The suspension of Title 42, which guarantees the possibility of preventing the entry of immigrants into the United States, could unleash an immigration crisis.

Why do so many Brazilians try to take their own lives?

Cases of suicide are not only due to an individual impulse, mental illnesses are also constructed in relation to society, to the collective body that recognizes or does not recognize its malaise and its symptoms.