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Narcoterrorism and Populism 

In the so-called "biggest election in history" that will take place on June 2, there is a player in the shadows who is acting openly. And it is likely to become more visible as the election campaign progresses.

Bolsonarism: Precursor of Far-Right Terrorism in Brazil?

Brazilian fascism has finally come to light: it is supported by some sectors of the police and the Armed Forces, and is politically linked to far-right extremist groups in the Americas and Europe.

Ecuador’s “black hole”

Since the end of the Cold War, organized crime has increasingly become the main source of revenue for terrorist groups around the world.

Buffalo terrorist and the global anchoring of racism

Co-author Emmanuel Guerisoli The recent racist mass shooting in Buffalo has a global history preceding it. In fact, the terrorist's "manifesto" praises Argentina on its first page, for its alleged racial situation.

Negotiating with organized crime

What is legitimate and what is not? Should governments negotiate with terrorist and criminal networks to reduce crime and homicide? Both questions, and many others, arise under this theme. In terms of security and negotiations, there is a wide constellation of cases between states, insurgent groups, and guerrillas, but less so with terrorists or drug cartels.