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Since the recent anti-racist mobilizations in the United States and Latin American countries, there has been a strengthening of the black and feminist movements in Brazil as well as a resumption of the debate on race. Within this framework, there has been a resurgence of interest in ideas and theories of the past.

“Institutional coups” are coups d’état

One cannot understand what is happening in Brazil today without referring to the institutional coup of 2016. One cannot reach the dimension of the current Brazilian crisis without considering that institutional rupture. Its achievement symbolized the end of the Brazilian democratic period initiated in the 1980s.

The politics of Bolsonaro’s death

Co-author Camila De Mario
If a fundamental element of late modernity and the contemporary state is the right to kill. Bolsonaro’s policy is based on death, the physical elimination of the citizens of his country, and in particular of his “enemies”.

Chile: about the end of a cycle and what is to come

The striking result of the Chilean plebiscite of October 25, 2020, which enshrined the popular option for a new Constitution to be drawn up by a Constituent Assembly elected exclusively for this purpose, carries several symbolisms. Above all, it ends a long period of submission of Chilean society to an illegitimate legal framework.

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