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Disinformation as a global risk in 2024: novelty or tradition?   

The phenomenon of disinformation is nothing new. What distinguishes it today is the omnipresent presence of the Internet and social networks, which have radically transformed the way we access information.

Elections 2024: the risks of disinformation

The risk of polarization is that it generates a social fracture that could lead us to an all-or-nothing result. The vote would not be for the support or rejection of a political platform, but a tool to silence those voices with which we differ.

“Influencer” autocracies and their harassment of democracies

Today, authoritarian regimes are adjusting their tactics of oppression and restriction of freedom to the digital age in their effort to undermine democratic institutions and affect the exchange of ideas.

RT: Disinformation without borders

Twenty-first century democracies cannot ignore the lessons of Cold War disinformation campaigns, reformulated by their autocratic enemies in the current digital age.

Before the vice president, we only have questions

One fateful day in the late 18th century, the American Founding Fathers decided to invent a hitherto unheard-of figure: the vice presidency.

Is the second “pink tide” fading?

After the successes of the Latin American left in 2022, the pendulum seems to swing back to the right in 2023.