Trumpism According to Trump

What is peculiar about the Trumpist definition of Trumpism is that it has to do not with reality but rather with an alternative representation of it. Much of the definition speaks not so much of what Trumpism is but rather of what it would like to be and also to have been.

The long web of conspiracy

There are people who believe that the coronavirus is an instrument of world domination created by the enemies of their country. They are the same ones who think that when their candidates do not win there was fraud. These are the people who support Trump in his attempted coup.

Trump’s Lies: A Lesson for the Media

Donald Trump lost the U.S. presidential election, but he still prefers to live in the alternative world that his own propaganda has created for him. In this bizarre universe, he is considered an invincible hero of mythical proportions who decides what is right and what is wrong.

Trump and scandals go hand in hand

Trump and scandals go hand in hand, but will the latter be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for such an inept and corrupt leader? Although many in the United States think so, the history of authoritarianism and fascism shows us that it is doubtful.

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