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ALA: A pioneering model of a news agency

After the invitation to collaborate in Latinoamérica21, I thought: I have seen this film. The novelty was that this precedent went back to a pioneer of American journalism that appeared in the middle of the last century: ALA, what was later known as Agencia Latinoamericana.

Against Trump we lived better

In the face of the satisfaction of the end of the nightmare, a certain nostalgia is detected for the well installed strategy of confrontation in the face of what was labeled as the formation of a dictatorship in the heart of the oldest of democracies. We asked ourselves what we would do when we woke up?

How did Trump get this far?

To believe that Biden’s triumph is the end of the drama begun in January 2016 is an example of a mirage of fatal consequences. Pretending that those millions of voters will disappear from the map with Biden’s inauguration reveals a blindness to how much America has changed in recent generations.

The Problem Isn’t Trump

The tie, whatever the final outcome, that has been revealed is not a temporary phenomenon. The protagonist of Trump’s resistance is not the White House tenant of the last four years. The real agent, although in the end the constitutional winner is Biden, is that sector which for decades was considered an abnormality.

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