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Coup d’état fails and Peru remains unstable

A government that called itself leftist, but was rather reactionary was ended. This government was represented by that personage who raised Castillo in the presidential candidacy, as he himself could not be a candidate for having been convicted of corruption: Vladimir Cerrón.

Perú, to the Left or to the Right?

Today Castillo’s main objective is to survive, a difficult task in which, with six open investigations against him by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, day-to-day life seems to be the only important thing.

The narrow cornices of Pedro Castillo

O presidente eleito do Peru, Pedro Castillo, parece ter superado os muitos obstáculos colocados no seu caminho por Keiko Fujimori. Entretanto, ele deve se preparar para uma fase muito mais dura, quando várias frentes se abrem para ele em um contexto social onde as demandas por soluções se multiplicam.

Peru: an electoral class struggle?

In the midst of the sharpest political confrontation of the last decades, Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo are on the way to define on Sunday, June 6, who will preside the country as of July 28, the date on which the bicentennial of national independence will be commemorated.

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