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Potential and limits of the G20 under Brazil’s presidency

In an increasingly polarized world, which for many resembles a Cold War, with two ongoing conflicts with no end in sight, Brazil has made efforts to depolarize while opening a space for politics and dialogue.

Brazil returns to the world through the power of literature

Soft power is fundamental to project Brazil's influence globally. The government has therefore focused on rebuilding Brazil's image abroad, strengthening diplomatic relations and reinforcing the cultural agenda, including the reconstruction of the Ministry of Culture.

Brazil’s place in the South African lawsuit against Israel 

The Brazilian government expressed its support for South Africa's initiative. In the diplomatic sphere, this decision is due to the change of perspectives of the revisionist countries in the international system and the prominence of Brazil within these countries.

Towards a more competitive green hydrogen

With an electricity matrix that uses almost 90% renewable sources, Brazil offers a favorable scenario for making hydrogen an even cleaner alternative.

Fraud is not usual, but conspiracy theories are

Coauthors Luciana Fernandes Veiga and Vitória Peres Questioning the fairness of the process is legitimate. However, what has been observed is the use of this discourse as a political strategy to delegitimize the electoral result.

Will the culture of human rights overcome hatred?

Coauthor André Bakker da Silveira Seventy-five years on from the birth of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is astonishing to note that...