One region, all voices


Brazil: municipal elections in times of democratic recomposition 

The Brazilian population as a whole must assume some level of civic and citizen responsibility, both in favor of democratic recomposition and in the fight against disinformation and polarization.

Brazil against Women

Setbacks in women's reproductive rights are related to the presence and violent language of extremist political leaders and disinformation processes.

Brazil: an environmental disaster foretold

Southern Brazil is underwater. What was exceptional is now part of the new normal. Adaptation, climate emergency plans and the valuation of ecosystems must be incorporated into policy. It is about the world we will leave to our sons and daughters.

Dismantling of policies is responsible for the biggest climate crisis in Brazil

The climate crisis in Rio Grande do Sul is already the largest in Brazil's history, but when the water recedes we will have more accurate information about the destroyed infrastructure, lost livelihoods, economic losses, and, above all, the death toll.

Rio Grande do Sul: where there are no innocent, people look for the culprits

The climate tragedy that has devastated the State of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil has opened the stage for the struggle to identify the culprits for the tragedy. For some, the magnitude of the catastrophe is an expression of a political outcome.

Migrants in Brazil mobilize for health policies

The role of mobilizations has been important in driving health policies for migrant populations in Brazil, which in turn also benefit nationals.