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Foreign policy

War and Peace: United States and China

In the event of an open war between the U.S. and China that does not escalate to the strategic nuclear level, the war economies of both countries would be in an unfavorable situation for the Americans and the entire bloc of their allies.

Food security and opportunities for cooperation between Latin America and Europe

Cooperation between the EU and LAC requires joint multilevel action with a comprehensive approach covering political, economic and social aspects. And analyzing the variables that affect food security allows for a better understanding of possible scenarios and the development of long-term strategies.

Brazil returns to the world through the power of literature

Soft power is fundamental to project Brazil's influence globally. The government has therefore focused on rebuilding Brazil's image abroad, strengthening diplomatic relations and reinforcing the cultural agenda, including the reconstruction of the Ministry of Culture.

Cuban foreign policy in the “new Cold War”

Given the international context, Cuba can only align itself with the United States, and not remain in a simple diplomatic alignment, but rather seek economic and political rapprochement.

The growing ideational gap between Latin America and the European Union

At the upcoming summit with Latin America and the Caribbean, the European Union will launch Route 2023 as a response to the infrastructure plans proposed by the U.S. and China for the region.

Latin America and Feminist Foreign Policy

The main challenge for Feminist Foreign Policy at this time is to shed the idea that it is synonymous with gender equality policies.