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Guillermo Lasso

Ecuadorian elections: Postmortem politics

A presidential system does not coexist well with parliamentary outage expedients, such as mutual death.

Politics’ Mutual Death in Ecuador

"Mutual death" is a feature of Ecuadorian hyperpresidentialism, which, however, applies principles of a parliamentary democracy.

Lasso dissolves Ecuador’s Assembly

The Ecuadorian president's decision to dissolve the Assembly took place in a context of a generalized insecurity crisis, a high unemployment rate and an ongoing conflict with members of Congress.

Ecuador: Institutionalism on trial

Ecuador's Constitutional Court has just admitted the impeachment procedure of President Guillermo Lasso.

Lasso’s last card: dissolving Parliament

Faced with the threat of impeachment, the President of the Republic also has a possibility: to dissolve the Parliament.

Ecuador: between power struggles and good governance

For the new administration everything will depend on three factors: the capacity of the Executive to include popularly supported and transversal measures, the cohesion of the benches in the Assembly under a governance logic, and social conflict.