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Javier Milei

Javier Milei: on the road to 3 months of government

Three months after the presidential inauguration, the inflationary process is deepening while the obstacles to deregulate the economy are multiplying, especially the legislative ones.

The challenge of predicting voter behavior

A recent study suggests that, in the frenetic universe of social networks, it is possible to anticipate voters' behavior weeks before an election by analyzing their online activity.

Milei: an unprecedented and uncertain experience

Since Javier Milei took office, Argentina has been going through an unprecedented experience of a government with hyper-presidential styles.

Milei’s government is not a dictatorship, neither is it a representative democracy

For decades, Argentina has experienced violations of its institutions and Constitution by Kirchnerism. Today, the newly formed libertarian government of Javier Milei seems to follow the same course of challenging institutions.

Javier Milei, between necessity and urgency

Javier Milei has inaugurated a new political stage in which he proposes to make a fresh start on the assumptions on which the democratic process was based since 1983, in particular, and Argentine politics in the last century in general.

Milei and Migration Governance: Three Scenarios for Argentina and South America

Although migration was not a central issue during Milei's campaign, his victory has raised concerns about the future of migration governance in Argentina and South America. These are the three scenarios that open up.