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Paraguay: the challenge of ITAIPU 

In January was the first summit of the presidents of Paraguay and Brazil to review the treaty. While Paraguay wants to increase the tariff searching for greater profitability, Brazil has stated its intention to lower it to reduce costs for Brazilian consumer.

Payo Cubas phenomenon in Paraguay

The elections in the region have given life to a group of conflicting characters who really live "out of the box", but Payo Cubas occupies a prominent position.

Elections in Paraguay: seventy years of Colorado Party hegemony

With a landslide victory of more than 15 percentage points, Santiago Peña, the candidate of the Colorado Party will be the Paraguayans' ruler.

Paraguay decides on Sunday

On Sunday, April 30, general elections will be held in Paraguay and everything indicates that the dispute will be between the ruling Colorado Party and the National Concertación.

Who are the main presidential pre-candidates in Paraguay?

Once the primary elections are closed, the elected candidates will have to position themselves between now and April 30 to decide Paraguay's political future in the presidential elections.

Challenges facing Paraguayan politics in the 2023 elections

The upcoming internal elections will take place in a complex context for political parties and the Superior Court of Electoral Justice.