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Costa Rica: Municipal elections accentuate the erosion of the party system 

The lack of support for the traditionally dominant parties in the municipal elections has opened multiple spaces for emerging groupings that take advantage of the opportunity and become competitive groupings at the local level.

Indefinite reelection: sentences that shaped autocracies

Several governments have used the human rights argument to open the door to indefinite reelection. But these are mainly personalistic and authoritarian leaders where the checks and balances of the democratic system have been captured or eroded.

Latino voters lean toward Trump

Trump's style and rhetoric during his presidency was imitated by Milei, Bukele, and former President Bolsonaro during their campaigns. And now, they could influence Trump's candidacy among Latino voters.

Mexican elections: It’s the insecurity, stupid!

Although different authorities deny it or reduce it to local rather than national impacts, everything indicates that next June's results will be strongly shaped by a desire for survival.

Elections 2024: the risks of disinformation

The risk of polarization is that it generates a social fracture that could lead us to an all-or-nothing result. The vote would not be for the support or rejection of a political platform, but a tool to silence those voices with which we differ.

Voting for fear of revenge

In El Salvador, democracy can no longer be understood in its original sense, as a system with counterweights that would allow for divergent opinions. With the current absolute majority in the Legislative Assembly, the separation of powers has been eliminated.