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Afro-Latin American proposals for people of African descent around the world

It is essential to strengthen solidarity among peoples of the African Diaspora and promote diplomacy among states.

Colombian Vice President in Africa: a Breakthrough for Southern Diplomacy

Why should we prioritize diplomatic rapprochement with African countries when we are economically more dependent on relations with developed countries?

Cooperation between Latin America and Africa from the perspective of the peoples of the Diaspora

Cooperation between Latin America and Africa should propose the discussion of Afro-descendant power and analyze the advocacy strategy for the transformation of democracy in the West.

Africa-Latin America Relations: The Legacy of Desmond Tutu

Despite the African roots of most Latin Americans, interest in Africa is minimal, even in Brazil, which has the largest population with black-African roots outside the continent.

About the “Améfrica” Quilombos

Since the recent anti-racist mobilizations in the United States and Latin American countries, there has been a strengthening of the black and feminist movements in Brazil as well as a resumption of the debate on race. Within this framework, there has been a resurgence of interest in ideas and theories of the past.