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Piñera’s complex legacy and the impulse to the far right in Chile

Two months after the death of former President Piñera, his legacy is a subject of debate. For some, he was a builder of bridges and regional institutions, while others see him as the precursor of the radical populist right in the southern country.

3+3=0? Pension reform in Chile

The Chamber of Deputies approved and passed a bill that creates a new mixed pension system to the second constitutional procedure in the Senate. However, although the bill was approved in general, several key aspects were not included.

Do election polls deserve the current crisis of confidence?

According to a study conducted in Chile, there is a high level of distrust in surveys, even among those who answer them regularly. Why are so many people suspicious of falsification and manipulation of data?

Will the elimination of student loans reduce inequality in higher education?

In Chile, during the last few weeks, the discussion on the elimination of student loans (CAE) has returned to the forefront in the context of the constitutional debate and the approval of the 2024 Budget.

Constitutional Referendum in Chile: a déjà vu in the land of paradoxes

After the successes of the Latin American left in 2022, the pendulum seems to swing back to the right in 2023.

The Great Consensus

The absence of consensus has been the most repeated mantra when judging the document delivered to President Gabriel Boric by the Constitutional Council that will be submitted to the plebiscite.