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War and Peace: United States and China

In the event of an open war between the U.S. and China that does not escalate to the strategic nuclear level, the war economies of both countries would be in an unfavorable situation for the Americans and the entire bloc of their allies.

The Belt and Road ten years later, little to celebrate

The Belt and Road proposes China's economic and commercial integration with the world through land and maritime corridors and infrastructures around the globe.

Renewable Energies and Cooperation among China, Latin America and the European Union

For a decade, China has been emphasizing clean energy development as a key objective of its energy diplomacy and financial approach.

Future port of Chancay: Relevance for Peru and Latin America

The Chancay port, considered one of the most ambitious projects to boost international trade in South America, will begin operating by the end of 2024.

China expands its presence in Guyana

Bilateral relations between the two countries deepened following the discovery and exploitation of more than 25 billion barrels of oil in Guyana.

The eureka effect and relations among the European Union, Latin America and China

In Europe and the United States a eureka effect has been produced, which shows that China's power is not neutral on political, social and economic scale, and threatens their interests.