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Democracy is losing ground in the world: Is Colombia immune to this global trend?

The last two decades have witnessed a broad reversal of democracy in the world. Fifteen countries out of 86 have lost their democratic governments. Today, a high proportion of the world's population — around 70% — live under semi-democratic or outright autocratic regimes.

Political breaking up in Colombia: a Tower of Babel

Thirty-six parties and more than 1,500 groups registered at the National Electoral Council participated in the recent elections, endorsing governors, mayors, departmental assemblies and municipal councils.

The disconcerting lethargy of the migration agenda in Colombia

Coauthor Stephanie López The ostracism in which the immigration policy has been placed has the worst impact for migrants living in the country.

The crossroads of change in Gustavo Petro’s first year in office

Petro promised to carry out wide-ranging reforms in various fields, however, the obstacles he has faced during his first year in office have not been few.

Colombian Vice President in Africa: a Breakthrough for Southern Diplomacy

Why should we prioritize diplomatic rapprochement with African countries when we are economically more dependent on relations with developed countries?

The Strategic Breakdown of Colombia’s Military Forces

An essential factor of human and multidimensional security has been neglected: controlling the territory and preventing the population from being encircled by criminals.