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What are the economic prospects for Latin America?

The Financial Times recently presented a five-point map for understanding the global economy in 2024: demographics, climate change, technological progress, knowledge diffusion and economic growth. This map does not forecast an easy year for the region.

Latin America’s Global Geopolitical Projection

Around 80% of Mexico's exports continue to go to the United States, a proportion that remains the same as a decade ago. However, this dynamic does not reflect the reality of the rest of Latin America and is creating a gap between the north and the south of the region.

Hypocrisy and protectionism stall the EU-Mercosur agreement

There are windows of opportunity to make progress in stalled diplomatic negotiations. But it is also important to seize the moment.

Lessons from México’s Ban on GMO Corn

The United States alleges that Mexico's ban on GMO corn for human consumption disrupts its corn exports.

Transgenic Corn vs. National Sovereignty

The conflict over Mexico's restriction on the transgenic corn importation is a dispute between the interests of the U.S. agricultural industry and the Mexican government's effort to regain its sovereignty.

China and Latin America in Times of Global Uncertainty

International dynamics give no respite to the economy and international trade, which leads organizations and analysts to permanently revise economic projections for the coming months.