One region, all voices

Social crisis

Chronicle of the revolution that failed: Chile almost 5 years after the social outburst

The feeling that the only possibility to change the country was lost continues to accumulate frustrations on a pile of disenchantment that was already too large.

Haiti: 20 years later the international community follows the same path that led the country to its current tragedy

CARICOM proposes a Provisional Presidential Council with 7 members from different political groups and that all members of this Council agree with a "non-UN" mission approved by the UN Security Council.

Every hour 37 Venezuelans crossed the Darien in 2023 

As of August 2023, 7.71 million Venezuelans had massively emigrated, a phenomenon that began to be registered notably in 2015. The vast majority of them are based in countries in the region.

Haiti is again under international intervention

Brazil assumed the presidency of the United Nations Security Council and immediately approved a Resolution authorizing the deployment of a Kenyan military contingent to support the National Police.

Stigmatization, Disinformation and Conflict 

Social networks have facilitated an extensive production of inaccurate or false information that is reproduced in society and endangers the lives of social leaders.

Language as a Tool in the Fight for Human Rights

In March 2023, the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo marched for the 40th anniversary of the end of the Argentine dictatorship.