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Human rights

Dehumanizing Discourse and Repression in Cuba

In Cuba, the official discourse of intolerance is directly intertwined with the dehumanization of those perceived as “others”, thus feeding a climate of political repression. This phenomenon is rooted in historical events that span more than six decades.

Limits of “just war” and the necessary condemnation

Most Latin American governments opt for silence before the atrocities in other regions, such as the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, either because of the 19th-century "self-determination of peoples" or the fear of being judged internationally by the same yardstick.

Chronicle of an announced suspension

Cuba suspended its United Nations Universal Periodic Review and many of the recommendations made to the State focused on human rights.

Will the culture of human rights overcome hatred?

Coauthor André Bakker da Silveira Seventy-five years on from the birth of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is astonishing to note that...

Cuba fails again in human rights

In 2018, Cuban authorities noted 18 recommendations related to legislative obstacles. However, these instruments have not yet been ratified.

Middle East: another unwinnable war

Every war is a human defeat. However, there is a type of war that takes this moral defeat to paroxysm: unwinnable wars.